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My name is Stephen L. Goldsmith, and many of you already know me. During the past four decades I served as Auction Director, or Head of the Numismatic Department at three major auction houses (R. M. Smythe, Stack’s, and Spink). During that time I saw or experienced just about everything that can happen in a numismatic setting and I cataloged many thousands of numismatic items ranging from inexpensive 1909 VDB Lincoln Cents to six-figure coins such as $50 Panama-Pacific Exposition Octagonals and $50 “Slugs.”


When I am not busy consulting for various auction houses I like spending my time buying coins that I encounter through my vast network of numismatic contacts. I pay fair prices for what I purchase, and I really enjoy selling this material at shows or on my own website.

Whether you order a coin for $1.45 or for $10,000, I promise to give you good value for your money, and I will make your coin buying experience a pleasant one. Enough said. Order with confidence.

If you need to know more about me, I invite you to read my resume, or contact me.

Stephen L. Goldsmith

ANA 1167700 – PCDA Past President – SPMC Member