Continental Currency May 6, 1776 $8 CC-38 PMG Choice Uncirculated MS64

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Continental Currency May 6, 1776 $8 CC-38 PMG Choice Uncirculated MS64Harp with 13 strings of various lengths representing the thirteen colonies. The Latin motto around the harp, “MAJORA MINORIBUS CONSONANT,” translates as “The large colonies and the small colonies are in harmony.” Signed by  Thomas Coome and Samuel Morris.

Thomas Coombe, was confirmed a deacon by the Church of England in 1769 and a priest in 1771.  He returned to Pennsylvania in 1772 and was the assistance minter at the Christ Church and St. Peter’s in Philadelphia.  He was a supporter of the cause of the colonialists but felt that he could not remain loyal to his oath to god that he had taken when he was ordained a clergyman and swear to uphold the Declaration of Independence.  He was subsequently imprisoned in August of 1777.  In 1779 he departed for England and served in the church until his death until 1822.

Samuel Morris was a captain of the first troop of Philadelphia City Cavalry.  Morris served throughout the campaigns of 1776 and 1777 and fought in the battles of Trenton and Princeton.  Morris was disowned by the Quakers for taking part in the Revolution, although he continued to worship until his death in 1812.

PMG has graded about thirty five May 9, 1776, CC-38 bills with 40% receiving a grade of AU or better. Only two have received an uncirculated grade of MS64, and no example have received a higher grade.  The other MS64 example is in the holdings of a advanced collector of colonial and continental paper money, and it could be a long time before another example as nice as the one you see here is offered for sale.




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